If you need to inquire about Bayer product, please contact us through the following telephone:

Hotline: 400-810-0360 (available by mobile or telephone)

We will try our best to provide you the information about Bayer products, but we can't propose any specific diagnosis and treatment suggestions for patients' conditions. If you have any discomfort after medication, please go to see your doctor and receive timely medical treatment.

If you want to report a side effect or quality complaint, please contact your health care professional (e.g. treating physician or pharmacist) or your local health authority, Inquiries can also be directed to:

If you observe adverse event after Bayer Animal Health product application, you can transfer the information to us directly by:

To ask other question about Bayer China, please send e-mail to .

Bayer Global
Our mission "Bayer: Science For A Better Life"
Bayer is a globalized innovation company with a 155-year history. Our scientific successes are intended to help improve people's lives. At the same time, our innovations form the basis for sustainable and profitable business activity and are the key to maintaining or achieving leadership positions in all of our markets.
Our products are helping to address some of today's biggest challenges, including global population growth, an aging society and the need to make efficient - and, wherever possible, sustainable - use of natural resources.
In line with our mission "Bayer: Science For A Better Life," we aim to improve people's quality of life. For this endeavor, we focus on our core competency of developing and successfully commercializing innovative products and solutions based on scientific knowledge.
1. Positioning businesses to mega-trends: health and nutrition
We provide solutions for two of the very pressing challenges of our times.
2. Steering an outstanding portfolio: pursue in our relevant markets
We invest in a portfolio of strong, value-generating businesses.
3. Driving value: profitable growth
We increase the value of our businesses in the long-term.
4. Focusing on our strength: innovation
We address unmet societal challenges through innovation.
We are committed to operating sustainably and addressing our social and ethical responsibilities as a corporate citizen. Bayer's values play a central role in our daily work and are intended to guide us in fulfilling our mission. These values are represented by the word LIFE: Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, Efficiency.
These values apply to everyone at Bayer and are firmly integrated into our global performance management system for managerial employees. Our value culture ensures a common identity within the enterprise across national boundaries, management hierarchies and cultural differences.
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Bayer China -Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

Committing to our new values-LIFE

LIFE replaces all existing values and leadership principles at Bayer. It is a simple acronym for Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency. It is a shared set of values for the whole Group that provides us with guidance on how we should conduct our business and work together.

Our mission statement “Bayer: Science For A Better Life” gets to the heart of who we are: An innovator company striving to improve the life of millions of people.
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