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Bayer Global
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Bayer is an innovation Life Science company with a more than 150-year history and core competencies in the fields of health care and agriculture. We develop new molecules for use in innovative products and solutions to improve the health of humans, animals and plants. Our research and development activities are based on a profound understanding of the biochemical processes in living organisms.
Our goal is to achieve and sustain leadership positions in our markets, thus creating value for our customers, stockholders and employees. To this end, our strategy is designed to help solve some of the most pressing challenges facing mankind, and by doing this exceptionally well we aim to strengthen the company’s earning power.
We are committed to operating sustainably and to addressing our social and ethical responsibilities as a corporate citizen, while at the same time respecting the interests of all our stakeholders. Employees with a passion for innovation will enjoy excellent development opportunities at Bayer.
Focus on Life Science Businesses
Following the economic and legal separation of our MaterialScience business, now Covestro*, Bayer has charted the course for its successful development as a Life Science company. In this connection, we have realigned our corporate structure. Since January 1, 2016, Bayer’s core business has been managed by three divisions: Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health and Crop Science. Animal Health is a separate reporting segment.
Corporate Governance
Dual governance system with the following governance bodies:
Board of Management:7 members, Chairman: Werner Baumann
Supervisory Board:20 members, Chairman: Werner Wenning
Business operations are the responsibility of the subgroups:
Pharmaceuticals Division
The Pharmaceuticals Division focuses on prescription drugs for the therapeutic areas of cardiology, oncology, gynecology, hematology and ophthalmology. With its innovative pharmaceutical products, Bayer seeks to achieve a significant therapeutic benefit for patients while at the same time satisfying the growing requirements of physicians and health insurers. The Pharmaceuticals division in China is headquartered in Beijing with facilities in Beijing and Guangzhou. In anticipation of increasing product demand in China, Bayer invested EUR 100 million to significantly increase the production capacity of its Beijing plant. The capacity extension is designed to ensure a reliable supply of high-quality products to meet the Chinese market’s demand for pharmaceutical products, including the company’s cardiovascular and anti-diabetes products. The Pharmaceuticals Division’s Radiology business is a world-well-known diagnostic imaging solutions provider. In the field of Radiology, Bayer provides solution with imaging contrast media, injection devices and informatics in China.
Consumer Health Division
Bayer’s Consumer Health Division is a leader in the global consumer health marketplace. It operates in more than 100 countries and maintains several manufacturing and research-and-development (R&D) sites.
The division’s rich history of innovation began in 1899 with the introduction of Bayer’s well-known global consumer brand, Bayer Aspirin™. In 2005, Bayer acquired Roche’s OTC business and in October 2014 Bayer completed the acquisition of Merck’s global Consumer Care business. In November 2014, Bayer acquired 100 percent of the shares of the Chinese Dihon Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
Today, the Consumer Health division offers to consumers some of the world’s well-known and trusted medications and dietary supplements. The portfolio includes strong brands in various medical categories inwhich the company competes, including Allergy, Analgesics, Cardiovascular Risk Prevention, Cough & Cold, Dermatology, Foot Care, Gastrointestinals, Dietary Supplements and Sun Care.
Currently, the Consumer Health Division sells various influential brands on the Chinese market, including Talcid®, Elevit®, Kangwang®, Clarityne®, Eloson®, Pikangwang®, White & Black®, Canesten®, Redoxon®, Coppertone®, and others.
Crop Science Division
The Crop Science Division, a world-well-known crop protection solution provider, is committed to contributing to a sustainable development of agriculture by introducing innovation into the market. With a highly efficient and innovative portfolio, complete technical services and strong collaborations with local partners, the Crop Science Division China is aligned with the Chinese government’s efforts to modernize Chinese agriculture and dedicated to help farmers improve plant health, get better yields and gain more benefits.
Bayer has been active for over 60 years in Chinese agriculture, marked with constant efforts to introduce new technologies to Chinese farmers, ranging from Decis, an insecticide in early 1980s, to Luna Sensation launched in 2014, a fungicide for a wide range of vegetables and fruit. In March 2015, Crop Science launched 6 new innovative products in China covering crops of rice, corn, wheat, vegetables and fruits. In a total, over 20 new products are planned to be launched by 2020.
The Crop Science Division has also been carrying out projects in cooperation with authorities like the Ministry of Agriculture, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences as well as joint efforts with public partners on capacity building in agriculture. To support the latest government efforts in rural development, Bayer started collaboration with CITIC Trust in February 2014 on Innovation & Development of Modern Agricultural Technology on the background of Land Transfer. The collaboration aims to introduce financial services via the CITIC Trust, together with technology and innovation through Crop Science to Chinese agriculture, leveraging the rich experience and expertise of the two parties.
In the field of animal health, it offers a number of products for farm and companion animals. Bayer is a successful supplier of veterinary products in China with its head office and a GMP certified plant in Chengdu, Sichuan province.
The Bayer Group comprises around 302 consolidated companies** in 77 countries throughout the world. Global headquarters are in Leverkusen, Germany.
** fully consolidated subsidiaries (as of Dec. 31, 2015)
On December 31, 2017, the Bayer Group had 99,820 employees worldwide.
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Bayer China -Profile & Organization

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Profile and Organization

Names | Figures | Facts

  Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, nutrition and high-tech materials. As an inventor company, it sets trends in research-intensive areas. Bayer’s products and services are designed to benefit people and improve the quality of life. At the same time, the Group aims to create value through innovation, growth and high earning power.
  Bayer is committed to the principles of sustainable development and acts as a socially and ethically responsible corporate citizen. In fiscal 2011, the Group employed about 112,000 people and had sales of €36.5 billion. Capital expenditures amounted to €1.7 billion, R&D expenses to €2.9 billion.


  Bayer AG defines common values, goals and strategies for the entire Group. The three subgroups and three service companies operate independently, led by the management holding company. The Corporate Center supports the Group Management Board in its task of strategic leadership.

Business operations are the responsibility of the subgroups:

Bayer HealthCare is among the world’s foremost innovators in the field of pharmaceutical and medical products. » more
Bayer CropScience, with its highly effective products, pioneering innovations and keen customer focus, holds global leadership positions in crop protection and non-agricultural pest control. » more
Bayer MaterialScience is a renowned supplier of high-performance materials such as polycarbonates and polyurethanes, and innovative system solutions for a wide range of everyday uses. » more

Central service functions are combined into three service companies:

Bayer Business Services is the Bayer Group’s international competence center for it-based services. » more
Bayer Technology Services is the global technological backbone for the Bayer Group and a major innovation driver. » more
Currenta offers services for the chemical industry including utility supply, waste management, infrastructure, safety, security, analytics and vocational training. » more

Corporate Governance

  Dual governance system with the following governance bodies:
Board of Management: four members, Chairman: Dr. MarijnDekkers
Supervisory Board: 20 members, Chairman: Werner Wenning


The Bayer Group markets some 5,000 products. Best-sellers include:
• in the health care field: Betaferon™/Betaseron™, Yasmin™/YAZ™/Yasminelle™, Kogenate™
• in the nutrition field: Confidor™/ Gaucho™/Admire™/Merit™, Flint™/Stratego™/Sphere™/Nativo™
• in the field of high-tech materials: Makrolon™, Bayblend™, Desmodur™, Desmophen™


  Bayer is represented around the world by about 300 companies*. Global headquarters are in Leverkusen, Germany. * fully consolidated subsidiaries (as of Dec. 31, 2011)


  On December 31, 2011, the Bayer Group had 111,800 employees worldwide (2010: 111,400). In Germany we had 35,800 employees, who made up 32.0 percent of the Group workforce.

Bayer stock

• included in nearly all the major share indices

• traded on all German stock exchanges

dividend per share: EUR 1.50

Bayer Group Key Data

Bayer Group 2010 / € million 2011 / € million Change / %
Sales 35,088 36,528 4.1
EBITDA1 6,286 6,918 10.1
EBITDA before special items 7,101 7,613 7.2
EBIT2 2,730 4,149 52.0
EBIT before special items 4,452 5,025 12.9
Income before income taxes 1,721 3,363 95.4
Net income 1,301 2,470 89.9
Earnings per share (in €)3 1.57 2.99 90.4
Gross cash flow4 4,771 5,172 8.4
Net cash flow5 5,773 5,060 -12.4
Capital expenditures as per segment table 1,621 1,666 2.8
Research and development expenses 3,053 2,932 -4.0
Dividend per Bayer AG share (€) 1.50 1.65 10.0
figures restated 1-5 for definition see footnotes to Bayer Group Key Data table

Sales by Segment, (2009 in parentheses)

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