Drug Anti-counterfeiting


Counterfeit drugs have developed to be a serious global problem in recent years. Counterfeit drugs will cause damages to patients' health, even threaten their lives.


Bayer takes patient safety protection as its own responsibility and commits itself to keep patients away from the harm caused by counterfeit drugs. You may find more information through the link: Be Beware of Counterfeits


Once you find someone sells or manufactures counterfeit Bayer products, please report via. the following channel to join us to fight against such violation:

  • Bayer Hotline400 8100 360
  • Local NMPA Hotline12315
  • Local 110


  • Bayer China Quality Assurance email: ptc.china@bayer.com 
  • Bayer China Pharmacovigilance email: pv.china@bayer.com
  • Bayer China Anti-counterfeiting email: acf@bayer.com