Contributing solutions to global challenges


Global requirements for sustainable development are very important to Bayer. The future of our areas of business is impacted by the societal consequences of tomorrow's megatrends.

To safeguard the existence of our company in the long term in the face of these global challenges, we are working on solutions for the future that drive forward sustainable development and our own business at the same time. In our three divisions: Pharmaceuticals Division, Consumer Health Division, and Crop Science Division– we possess a product portfolio that addresses some of the urgent problems affecting the provision of health care, the safeguarding of food supplies and the protection of the climate. Responsible business practices are our obligation: potential negative effects of our business activity on people and the environment must be limited.


Our sustainability strategy

As an inventor company with the mission Science For A Better Life," [4] Bayer continues to focus on its core competencies in the development of new solutions in the fast-growing, innovation-driven areas of three divisions. Based on our innovation capability, we are pursuing a strategy of sustainable and profitable growth to increase the value of our company. For Bayer, sustainability essentially means future viability and is therefore an integral part of our business strategy. Together with our value concept LIFE , our mission forms the basis of our sustainable actions. The Bayer Sustainable Development Policy formulates our common understanding of sustainability that applies to all subgroups and service companies worldwide.