Research & Innovation

Inventive talent


Felix Hoffmann, Wilhelm Roehl, Hans Andersag and Walter Kikuth, Gerhard Domagk, Otto Bayer, Hermann Schnell, Friedrich Bossert, Wulf Vater – researchers and scientists who made history. They were responsible for pioneering inventions that revolutionized medicine, chemistry and materials development: Aspirin™, Germanin™, Resochin™, sulfonamides, polyurethanes, Makrolon™ and Adalat™.

Felix Hoffmann, Gerhard Domagk, Hermann Schnell

These outstanding scientists all had one thing in common: they established Bayer's reputation as an inventor company. Bayer retains a strong commitment to this tradition.


Bayer's research and development activities are closely aligned to market requirements and therefore subject to a continuous process of adjustment. The Group's activities are supplemented by an international network of collaborations with leading universities, public-sector research institutes and partner companies. Through this pooling of expertise, Bayer aims to rapidly translate new ideas into successful products. These activities are also supported by systematic employee development in the company's research and development units.