Bayer China


Bayer’s Crop Science division is aligned with the long-term trends of the agricultural markets. The aim is to help shape the future of the agricultural industry with innovative solutions that enable the production of sufficient high-quality food, animal feed and renewable raw materials for a growing world population despite the limited amount of available arable land.


We want to contribute to global food security through an environmentally friendly and sustainable increase in agricultural productivity. Our strength in innovation is intended to benefit both our customers and society as a whole and be the source of our long-term growth.


Bayer has been active for over 60 years in Chinese agriculture, marked with constant efforts to introduce new technologies to Chinese farmers, ranging from the launches of products in recent years covering a large range of crops, namely rice, corn, wheat, vegetables and fruits, to services provided to farmers on crop protection solutions, safe use of agrichemicals and application technologies. As a global player, Bayer’s production site in Hangzhou is not only supplying products for domestic use, but also manufacturing for farmers in the rest of Asia as well as North and Latin America.


The Crop Science Division has also been in cooperation with authorities such as the Ministry of Agriculture, The National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Center, organizations such as the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, as well as joint efforts with public partners to develop sustainable agriculture in China.


Through the latest technology and decision science, we make the company's operation and agriculture to a higher level and realize the digital transformation. We accelerate our and our partners' research with more advanced solutions, digital tools and data analysis. We use cutting-edge technology to help growers integrate data so as to ensure more efficient use of resources and tap the potential in agricultural. We help growers practice sustainable agricultural and manage the farmland sufficiently by making use of the data at hand. We customize solutions to the needs of growers. We persist in innovation so that we can make crop management more environment friendly, with higher economic benefits and higher quality.


Bayer’s business unit Animal Health offers a number of products for farm and companion animals. Bayer is one of the leading suppliers of veterinary products in China with its head office and a Good Manufacturing Practice certified plant in Chengdu, Sichuan province.