Support Industry Development in Rural Areas and Undertake All-Round Development Education for Children

Bayer Contributes to the “Fight for Targeted Poverty Alleviation” and Helps to Build a “Healthy China” with Sustainable Development

Sichuan, May 21, 2018 – Recently, a series of activities initiated by Bayer have been held in Chengdu and Ya’an in Sichuan Province, including the poverty alleviation philanthropic project jointly held by Bayer and Shanpin’gongshe, “Soccer-in-a-Box” and “Health&Hygiene-in-a-Bag”. Leveraging combined strengths of many employees and social volunteers, Bayer continues to support the rural industry development and rural children education in China, and contributes to winning the “Fight for Targeted Poverty Alleviation”, achieving “Rural Vitalization”, and building a “Healthy China”. As a corprate citizen full of social responsibility, Bayer has long been dedicated to fulfilling its commitments in China and helping China to achieve sustainable development.


“Bayer’s mission is to contribute to a better life for people everywhere, including in China.” said Celina Chew, President of Bayer Group, Greater China. “Bayer puts sustainability at the heart of everything we do, and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals give us guidance and inspiration. We use our expertise and experience to support Sustainable Development Goal 2 (Zero Hunger) and Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-Being for People) not only through our innovations and products, but also in our community outreach activities. This is consistent with the direction set by the Chinese government to bring a healthier, more prosperous life to the Chinese people, alleviate poverty and develop in a more sustainable direction.  I am delighted to be a Bayer employee volunteer again and to support farmers in rural Sichuan, as well as bringing sports and health education to children in this wonderful area”.  


Bayer joining hands with Shanpingongshea more effective and sustainable new model for poverty alleviation through developing rural industries in e-commerce era


This time, Bayer China partnered with Shanpin’gongshe, an e-commerce brand for poverty alleviation affiliated to China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), to carry out the philanthropic project. By launching and selling the Bayer-customized tea of “Sweet Dew of Mengding”, RMB 100,000 will be raised internally in the company for the tea farmers in Mengding Mountain, Ya’an to support local agricultural development and help the farmers to re-build a happy life as soon as possible. In addition, about 20 employees of Bayer China went to Mengding Mountain to conduct in-depth exchanges with people of Shanpin’gongshe. Not only did they learn about and experience the local agricultural production methods, but some of them, employees from Bayer Crop Science, also provided scientific guidance and advice on improving agricultural production for the farmers to help improve productivity.


“Shanpin’gongshe pays great attention to exploring new models of poverty alleviation through rural industry development that is more effective and conducive to sustainable development. Bayer and CFPA have a long history of cooperation. We are very pleased that our cooperation this time has once again created new opportunities. We have not only provided financial assistance for people in Ya’an through the benevolence of Bayer staff, but also contributed to the local agricultural development with a profound and lasting force through Bayer’s advantages in business and brand,” said Mr. Yadong Ding, Vice Secretary General of the CFPA.


Fostering Bayer little soccer player: help children grow healthily and happily with the enthusiasm, optimism, and vision rooted in Bayer’s corporate spirit


Located in Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Donghua Yucai School is a private school mainly accommodating children of migrant workers and facilitated with sports equipment far from adequate but only a simple plastic playground for students activities. And the kids in Central Primary School of Hongyan Villiange, Ming Mountain District, Ya’an City also know little about soccer. With Bayer’s “Soccer-in-a-Box” project entering Sichuan, Bayer not only donated soccer boxes which contain basic equipments for a soccer game such as soccer balls, goals whistle and vests to each of the two schools, but also invited Christopher Hänsen, coach of Bayer 04 Leverkusen, to give vivid soccer lessons along with the help of Bayer volunteers, leading the children into the soccer world.

“The Bayer Soccer Box contains a magical world that allows children in rural areas to play the wonderful game of football, despite limitations on space and facilities.  We hope that, through this, children will gain happiness, health, self-confidence and team spirit through sports, while having lots of fun!” Ms Celina Chew said.


The sports culture of Bayer runs a long history; as is also true for Bayer’s support in children sports development in China. Bayer’s “Soccer-in-a-Box” project began in 2004. As of 2006, a total of 617 soccer boxes had been donated to more than 400 impoverished areas in Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Jiangxi and Gansu provinces; in 2016, Bayer also brought the soccer box to Chongqing.


Bayer as health guard: raise children’s hygiene awareness, contributing to a “Healthy China”


Apart from conducting the “Soccer-in-a-Box” program in Central Primary School of Hongyan Village, Ming Mountain District, Ya’an City, Bayer also carried out “Health&Hygiene-in-a-Bag” project in the school as further efforts to contribute to the all-round development of those rural students. Bayer China has not only brought Bayer Health Bag to the children , but also given them health education in the means of fairy tales, videos, songs and games to explain basic hygiene habits and knowledge, thus raising their hygiene awareness and protecting their health.


Rural development and children education are two focuses of Bayer’s social responsibility. Bayer will continue to tap its advantages in health and agriculture to encourage employees to actively participate in public welfare projects, and contribute to “Poverty Alleviation”, “Rural Vitalization” and building a “Healthy China” so as to help achieve the sustainable development of China and create a better life for the Chinese people.


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