Bayer Embraces Rewarding Opportunities at 4th CIIE

Shanghai, November 10, 2021 –The 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) wrapped today, creating a successful experience for Bayer, a world-leading life science company. Thanks to the “Spillover Effect” of CIIE and the platform it provides for multinational companies, Bayer has strengthened engagement with the government, industry partners, and consumers, while demonstrating our strengths in addressing the two basic needs of all people – healthcare and agriculture. Through dozens of major signing and cooperation events, Bayer collaborated with local innovative partners such as Jointown, Hainan Boao Lecheng Pilot Zone of International Medical Tourism, and to support China's "Dual Circulation" strategy and "Common Prosperity" goal, thus enabling Chinese patients, consumers and growers to benefit from our shared efforts.


“By participating in CIIE for four consecutive years, Bayer has witnessed China's huge demand for innovative products and high-quality services in the fields of healthcare and agriculture.” Xiaolan Zhou, Executive Vice President, President of Commercial Operations China, Bayer Pharmaceuticals; President, Bayer Group Greater China remarks, “China has always been among the most important markets for Bayer. Bayer's vision of ‘Health for All, Hunger for None’ perfectly fits with China's major national strategic goals of ‘Healthy China’, ‘Rural Revitalization’ and ‘Common Prosperity’. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany, and the 140th anniversary of Bayer's connection with the Chinese market. Bayer has already reserved our booth for the fifth CIIE and looks forward to working hand-in-hand with local partners to create a prosperous future – contributing to the realization of a healthier and better life for Chinese people.”

Visitors at the Bayer CIIE booth


Embracing China’s opportunities, integrating into "Dual Circulation"

The CIIE has become an important platform for China to promote high-quality international trade and connect domestic and international economies. It has demonstrated China's determination to promote high-level opening-up, which brings huge opportunities for Bayer.


Thanks to the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port and the Hainan Free Trade Zone pilot policy, Chinese citizens can now have earlier access to high-quality innovative drugs and medical solutions. On November 6, Bayer Health Care Day, the Administration of Hainan Boao Lecheng Pilot Zone of International Medical Tourism and Bayer Healthcare entered a strategic partnership to leverage both advantages to deepen comprehensive collaboration in the fields of diabetes. This August, Bayer's Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMs) was approved for clinical use in the Boao Lecheng Pilot Zone of International Medical Tourism, which laid a solid foundation for the partnership at CIIE. CGMs is a wearable device provided by Bayer and WaveForm for Chinese diabetic patients, which provides continuous inter-tissue fluid glucose information at the minute level to inform patient self-management of blood glucose and empower clinical treatment decisions for doctors. It was also exhibited for the first time at CIIE this year.

Signing ceremony with Hainan Boao Lecheng Pilot Zone for International Medical Tourism


With the "Healthy China" mission marked as a national strategy, China has ushered in a new era of General Health. It is expected that the overall size of China's General Health industry will exceed RMB 16 trillion by 2030 according to the “Healthy China Initiative (2019-2030)”, making it a huge domestic market. On the first day of the CIIE, Bayer and Jointown renewed their strategic collaboration agreement for five more years based on the success of their collaboration over the past three years. The two parties will deepen cooperation on fields including diversifying product category, expanding product accessibility, and conducting health education, so as to tap into both advantages and enhance industry chain building, thus improving health service comprehensively.。

Signing ceremony with Jointown


Liu Changyun, Chairman of Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., said that Jointown is always working towards the long-term to become a platform-based, digital and connected company, driven by technological innovation. He said that signing the agreement for strategic collaboration with Bayer Consumer Health will help Jointown build a General Health service platform, and enable the company to provide accessible self-care products and insights to Chinese patients and consumers in support of the "Healthy China" vision.


In addition, Bayer booth also showcased TalEcid®, a probiotic product specially developed for Chinese consumers. The product is made of patented prebiotics, originating from Chinese people's intestinal microbiomes and strictly selected from a library of tens of thousands of strains based on the dietary habits of Chinese consumers. TalEcid® was the real-world result of a strategic partnership between Jiangnan University and Jiangsu WeCare Probiotics at the 3rd CIIE. It is also a vivid example of the "Spillover Effect" of the CIIE.


In recent years, the fresh fruit industry has been booming, driven by Chinese people's demands for quality fruits. Consumers are able to eat increasingly more varieties of fruit, and high-quality varieties are emerging one after another. Over the years, relying on its core competencies in agricultural innovation, sustainability, and digitalization, Bayer has been providing growers with a package of innovative, efficient and environmentally-friendly agricultural solutions. These empower them to grow high-quality fruits and vegetables, upstream in the industry's value chain. This year, Bayer and announced a strategic partnership at the CIIE to work in the midstream and downstream sections of the industry's value chain.


On November 7, Bayer Crop Science and held "Empowering Fruit Value Chain" themed forum with consumers. Revolving around three topics – "New Genetration of Growers", "New Ideas for Household Consumption", and "How to Connect New Growers and New Consumers" –Bayer and Benlaiexecutives, along with Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs), shared their view on how to empower China's fruit value chain and build a win-win business model for e-commerce companies, growers, and consumers. Together, they aim to better meet the new demands for high-quality fruits as well as health and environmental protection in the marketplace.

Themed forum sponsored by Bayer and

Leveraging expertise to work together towards a healthy future

As one of the first multinational companies to enter the China market, Bayer has been growing along with China's reform and opening-up. China's growing prosperity has created major opportunities for Bayer to make revolutionary contributions to Chinese society. Bayer will continue to lead innovative development in healthcare and agriculture to help China embark on a new journey, and achieve the "Healthy China", "Rural Revitalization" and "Common Prosperity" goals.


With both an aging population and economic growth, China's demand for high-level medical services is increasing. While providing innovative therapeutics, Bayer is working with various partners to support programs and cancer diagnosis and treatment in China. On November 6, Bayer joined hands with the Beijing Love Book Cancer Foundation (LBCF) to hold Prostate Cancer Patient Care Month event at booth. Bayer introduced its latest progress in prostate cancer prevention and treatment, drawing attention to men's health and prostate cancer in particular. It showcased at the booth Nubeqa®, a new drug approved this year in China for the treatment of prostate cancer. As an oral androgen receptor inhibitor, the drug has a distinct chemical structure that binds with high affinity directly to the receptor, thereby inhibiting the receptor's function and the growth of prostate cancer cells.

Prostate Cancer Patient Care Month event


Improving China’s county hospitals’ overall service levels as well as diagnosis and treatment capabilities are a key part of the effort to adopt the tiered diagnosis and treatment system and achieve a Healthy China. Bayer is helping county hospitals improve imaging skills, and standardizing their scanning, training, and other medical services across regions, supported by smart and connected digital image management. November 8 marked the 10th International Day of Radiology, as well as Bayer Radiology Day at the CIIE. To honor the day, Bayer launched a series of IDoR activities at the Bayer booth, including an “unveiling ceremony” for the 2021 International Day of Radiology and the sharing to promote the popularization of radiodiagnosis-related science. Bayer also demonstrated Stellant D-CE, the first intelligent and intuitive CT high-pressure injection system in China. This system can provide patients with a personalized contrasting protocol to help doctors and patients obtain more accurate diagnoses. During the CIIE, "The Life of Light and Shadow" documentary series, jointly produced by and Bayer, was officially unveiled. The documentary was filmed in representative hospitals across the country, telling real stories from precision diagnosis to precision treatment. While demonstrating the professionalism of doctors, it also reflected the sincere care of doctors and the important role of innovative technologies in treating patients and saving lives.

Bayer Radiology Day event


Health for all is an important foundation for achieving Common Prosperity, whereas public health education is an important step to promote public health and lay a solid foundation for improving the entire nation's health literacy and overall health. Bayer has been working with various parties to promote public education in many different forms. On November 9, Bayer Public Health Day at the CIIE, it launched the "Get a Head Start With Healthy Hair"- Hair and Scalp Health Science Book Media Gathering. With the strong support of Bayer Consumer Health and compiled by 28 dermatologists from top 3 academic associations, China's first science book on hair and scalp health was published. The book helps inform the public about scalp health knowledge with easy-to-understand language as well as rich, systematic and scientific content to help them cope with related health issues properly.

"Get A Head Start With Healthy Hair"- Hair and Scalp Health Science Book -Media Communication Conference


In addition to hosting various events at its booth, Bayer also showcased many medical innovations, self-care solutions, and integrated modern agriculture solutions, including breakthrough innovations in cell and gene therapies; Verquvo, a new oral medicine for treating heart failure; One A Day® Natural Fruit Bites Multivitamins; Ambition®, the first amino acid bio-stimulant product in China; and WeGrow®, an industry-leading one-stop service platform for growers.


The CIIE is a national platform that demonstrates China's "Dual Circulation" strategy and promotes foreign exchanges. By attending the CIIE, Bayer demonstrates its commitment to advancing China's development. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Bayer will work with local partners to drive innovation and high-quality development of healthcare and agriculture in China and embrace a bright new future.


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